Husband accused of killing Brit mum smiled ‘like he was on cruise’ after arrest


Caroline Crouch’s husband smiled “like he was on a cruise” after being arrested for her murder, it has been claimed.

Pilot Charalambos ‘Babis’ Anagnostopoulos later confessed to smothering the 20-year-old British expat mum in front of their baby daughter Lydia, aged one.

He had staged a fake robbery scene at their home in Alonissos, Greece, including handcuffing himself to the floor and putting duct tape over his wife’s eyes and mouth before police arrived.

The 33-year-old admitted he “lost his temper” and has apologised for the crime.

Captain Dimitris Anthimos told “I have not seen a better actor.

“He was smiling, as if he were going on a cruise.”

Anagnostopoulos was taken by boat to Skiathos.

The chilling description comes after reports in the Greek media that Caroline’s mum Susan Dela Cuesta gifted her daughter’s husband £17,000 10 days before her death.

Family lawyer Thanassis Harmanis claims he was also given 2,000 Euros to transport Caroline’s body and 2,200 Euros for a coffin.

In a statement, Mr Harmanis said: “How much is the truth of the claim of a man who for 37 days forced the authorities to look for 3 robbers who [killed] the mother of his child and their dog?

“The amazing direction, the unparalleled acting talent brought tears to the eyes of people with empathy.”

Anagnostopoulos has since claimed he killed Caroline during an argument after she threatened to leave him.

His lavish lifestyle has also raised suspicion over potential drug involvement, with sources alleging he may have smuggled illegal substances in his helicopter.

The couple had spent £47,000 on land and another £140,000 designing their dream home, as well as enjoying a recent holiday to Dubai.

It is believed Caroline may have been using a coded diary to detail the alleged abusive behaviour of her husband towards her.

Thanassis Katineropoulos, who heads the union of Greek police officers, told Open TV: ”I am not persuaded that this is a crime conducted in a fit of rage, a crime of passion.

”I hope the investigating magistrate goes all the way so the truth can be learned and justice rendered.”

Anagnostopoulos and Caroline met when she was a teenager before marrying soon after she turned 18.

The defendant is set to claim he was in a “blurred” state of mind after his wife “verbally and physically aggressive towards him”, when his trial begins.

If his account is believed, he could see any potential sentence reduced to a maximum of 15 years in prison.